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One Million Ways To Get A Headache – And How To Heal Them All
by Christian Goodman 

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Nowadays, there are plenty of ways, a million in fact, to get a headache. You can get a headache when you hit your head on something, when you forget your caffeine intake, when you eat ice cream too fast, when you get too stressed, too tired, or when you get sick.

In the United States alone, about one in every six people suffer from Chronic headaches and migraines. They suffer infrequently, but regularly. When this happens, it’s hard for the rest of the body to do any kind of work when the head is suffering from great pain. Studies have shown that about $50 Billion is lost every year due to workers not being able to work because of chronic headaches.

Where does all that money go? Into the medical industry, I imagine.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies these days make fortunes off sales of headache and migraine medications, treatments, and therapies. The problem is that while these treatments may be effective in providing temporary relief from the symptoms, they do nothing to address the underlying cause of headaches and migraines.

Which is none other than oxygen deprivation. But don’t count on the pros to tell you that.

Our body is composed of cells, and every single cell needs oxygen to function properly. Lack of oxygen in the cells in the head will make the veins inflamed and brush against the nerves of the brain, and this is what causes chronic headaches and migraines.

It gets worse since most of us don’t breathe properly and have bad posture. All these things prevent us from getting the right amount of oxygen and causes us to have chronic headaches and migraines.

If only the medical industry admitted and addressed this underlying cause, the American Economy will not be losing so much money and manpower.

And as usual, it’s Christian Goodman to the rescue

My Migraine and Headache Relief Program bypasses the symptoms of migraines and headaches and addresses the problem at the very source. The program will show you, through some very simple exercises and practices, how to increase oxygen intake and restore the body’s natural balance.

Aside from curing yourself of headache and migraine, you will also be in much better shape than ever before. You’ll be surprised at how much you have been missing before.

Wouldn’t you like to see just how much?

Christian Goodman is a popular health researcher and an author of several ground breaking natural health alternatives methods. One of his resent innovation is his natural migraine and headache program. You can learn more about Christian on his blog.


Understanding Migraine Headaches

When you say you have a headache, technically speaking, it isn?t your head that?s hurting. Did you know brain tissues and skull bones don?t have the nerve fibers that are sensitive to pain and therefore can?t generate the sensation of pain? So why does your head hurt with a migraine?

Migraine headaches have something to do with the blood vessels, that is why they are called vascular headaches. When you are experiencing migraine, your temporal artery is enlarged, which is located just under the skin at your temple. When this happens, it makes the tiny nerve fibers twisted around it to release chemicals.

The chemicals released cause pain, inflammation, and further enlargement of the temporal artery. The greater the swelling, the worse your pain becomes. So why does this artery enlarge to the point of causing severe pain?

The answer may lie in another naturally occurring chemical in the body. There are two major neurotransmitters in the brain that control blood vessel size, and one of them is Serotonin. Studies have shown that before a migraine occurs, there is a high level of serotonin. During the migraine, its level drops to an abnormally low level.

While the actual cause of migraines remains a mystery, researchers are looking at a genetic predisposition, since migraine sufferers tend to run in families. They?re hoping to find a definitive answer in the near future.

Not only are the migraine sufferers the only ones impacted by this incapacitating headache. The American Academy of Pain Medicine said that approximately 150 million workdays are lost each year because of this. This translates to an annual cost to businesses of 5-17 billion dollars.

Everyone is affected by this debilitating headache, not just the sufferers. The missed work and productivity lost is becoming a significant burden to the general public. Migraine headaches are suffered by 28 million people in this country, and females are the ones more often to get them, although men suffer them too.

The problem persists because migraines remain underdiagnosed and often untreated. Doctors miss the diagnosis of migraine headaches in more than half the people who have them. Too often, when treatment is prescribed, it isn?t effective.

One reason why treatments are not effective is that most doctors prescribe pills for the headache. The problem with pills is that migraines usually stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, the one that controls the ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms in the body.

When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, it postpones the emptying of stomach contents into the small intestine, preventing any absorption into your system. So instead of getting broken down and absorbed, the pills just sit in your stomach.

There is another solution though. The Migraine and Headache Relief program is a simple to use program that?s given thousands of migraine sufferers amazing results. It doesn?t require the body to be able to absorb or process anything during the stressful time of a migraine attack.

The Migraine and Headache Relief Program requires several simple exercises that takes only a few minutes a day to do. It effectively reduces and in many cases completely eliminates the threat of migraines. Use the program and reclaim your life!

Christian Goodman is a popular Alternative health researcher and the creator of the Natural Health Blog. His latest work is the natural migraine headache treatment, which has now helped thousands of people get relief from their migraine headache naturally.

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